If you’ve got a story to tell – a message to put across – or a brand to get out there or need to draw traffic to your website then a butterfly effects video will help you take wing and fly.

We can advise and help you with any length from 30 second trailer, 2 minute marketing promo, 5 minute engaging story, YouTube video or festival short all the way up to feature length documentary.

We will work with you from concept and development through production (filming & editing) to delivery and marketing.

We can offer:



Concept and development.

Detailed story research. Once we have your brief we can go out and do the research & obtain filming permissions

Script writing.



Location filming. (Exteriors or interiors)

Interviews and sound recording. (Radio mics to pick up the action while on location)

Aerial filming. Two man operated drone (the latest hexacopter – three axis Gyro stabilised gimbal) with independent live video feed to camera operator to allow pans and tilts etc. Fully licensed.

Specialised action filming such as adventure or sport shooting

Filming in extreme conditions out at sea, arctic exploration & travel

Long lens or macro work for specialist filming such as wildlife




Graphics and Motion Graphics


Voice over script & recording.

Music Original (specially composed) or library music to suit your production.

Editing the finished film (complete with soundscape and colour grade) into various lengths suitable for different needs.

Delivery in HD broadcast quality, 2K or 4k formats suitable for online web use, YouTube, vimeo, festivals and for copying on to DVD or blu ray.

PUBLICITY & MARKETING  We can offer help with blogging & social media. Press releases and articles.