Boat Stories - Salmon Netting on the Taw & Torridge

Meet 84 year-old Stephen & 76 year-old Sheila Taylor, as they row their tiny boat out into the open estuary to try and catch salmon. Once upon a time almost everyone living on the Taw or Torridge would have eaten wild salmon. As numbers dwindled, salmon netting licenses were restricted. In 2002 the rods men offered to buy out the remaining nets men for £10,000 each. Only three boats refused the money and they are the only boats still legally netting on the estuary today. This charismatic couple have one of the last salmon licenses on the river and as they laugh and banter and fish together they are keeping an age-old tradition alive. Filmed & edited by Simon Vacher, music by Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll, directed & produced by Jo Stewart-Smith.

Client: North Devon Moving Image

Producer: Jo Stewart-Smith

Director of Photography: Simon Vacher