Constructed Wetlands in the North Devon Biosphere

Part of the North Devon Biosphere’s Estuary Project, this film explains how creating new wetlands help to trap soil and nutrients and save farmers money.

Our brief was to make a short film to encourage farmers to consider taking up advice and grants to create farm wetlands and reduce diffuse pollution runoff into the rivers. We join farmers Phil Morrish and Andrew Mather, hard at work building their wetlands, explaining the issues which need tackling and the benefits of the project to their farms and the river environment. We follow the river Yeo down to the estuary, where Tom Hynes from North Devon Biosphere reveals the wide range of benefits from improved water quality.

Made for the North Devon Biosphere’s Estuary Project. Filmed & edited by Simon Vacher directed & produced by Jo Stewart-Smith.

Client: North Devon Biosphere

Producer: Jo Stewart-Smith

Director of Photography: Simon Vacher