Dorset Coastal Stories - Young and Fishing with Sam Shuker

Sam Shuker, a 17 year old trainee commercial fisherman takes us out on a scallop boat from Lyme Regis and tells it like it is. He works long hours, determined to get as much experience as he can ready for the day when he is old enough to skipper a boat himself. Despite having all his fisherman tickets, Sam is also going to train to be a commercial diver, so that he can hand dive for scallops. He talks about the importance of the marine reserve for his fishery. He’s seen first-hand the ups and downs his fisherman father has gone through so he knows he’s chosen one of the toughest careers out there. But he loves the sense of freedom fishing brings. He says ‘the opportunities I have – it’s so much more than a job, it’s something I live for. I am determined to fight for it and if I have to rebuild it.’

Thanks to: The Shuker Family, George Bruford & Paul Mass, The Wet Fish Shop, The Fisherman’s Wife, Lyme Regis Harbour, Dorset AONB, Dorset & East Devon Fisheries Local Action Group

Funded by: European Maritime & Fisheries Fund, Dorset Food & Drink, The Fine Family Foundation

Client: Dorset Coast Forum

Producer: Jo Stewart-Smith

Director of Photography: Simon Vacher