Dorset Coastal Stories - The Fisheries Observer

We follow fisheries observers Ruth and Lisève on a fisheries-science partnership, out of West Bay, (Bridport) studying an issue: the discard ban, which could seriously impact the livelihoods of many fishermen, especially those in local, mixed fisheries. As Lisève, says ‘there’s a lot fishermen can teach us and working together we get the best blend of information and knowledge and hopefully with that collaboration we can keep marine life as pristine as possible while also keeping their livelihoods going’. In this case if, the data proves what the fishermen are saying anecdotally -then there’s a chance for a win-win all round – including the fish! This is the third film in our series for Dorset Coastal Forum.

Client: Dorset Coast Forum

Producer: Jo Stewart-Smith

Director of Photography: Simon Vacher